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Brescia: Beauty, Arts, History.

Beauty, the Arts, Music, Culture, Food, Nature and inspiring Landscapes; the inner sense of harmony and pleasing proportions, and the taste for refined and well-designed objects: this is what has fed Italian talent and creativity over the centuries. You can see it all around as you walk in any Italian city or along the narrow streets of any small town.

It is something that captures your eyes and involves your senses and emotions. 

The basic concept of Diapason speakers springs from this Italian cultural and historical background and from the passion and feeling for music of its founder: Alessandro Schiavi.

Alessandro Schiavi was born in Udine, Italy, in 1965. He moved to Brescia to study organ composition at Conservatory music school, where he developed his love of music and feeling for pure, natural sound. Starting from age 15 he also studied electrical engeneering.
At the age of 17 he became interested in recording live musical events, and started work in recordings for the archives of the International Piano Festival of Brescia and Bergamo , held in 17th century baroque theatres and churches.
The Festival focused mainly on music of the 17th to the 19th centuries, with works by Baroque and Romantic artists. Later on he worked with recording labels such as Fonè , Audio Review and Suono.

The luthier`s art inspired Schiavi’s vision of how to design and build a loudspeaker, bringing together the experience gained in the field of music in years of studying piano and his work in recording studios with solo artists, chamber or full symphonic orchestras.His skill in faithfully capturing and recording live music in three dimensional space led to the development of the first speaker by Diapason, a reference monitor designed for use in Schiavi’s own live recordings.

In this same period he gained experience in the very ancient and wise tradition of instrument making together with his friend Filippo Fasser, violin maker of Brescia and follower of the 16th century tradition of Gasparo da Salò. 
The workshop of Gasparo da Salò was the most important of the latter half of the 16th century. 
Instruments from Brescia were more sought after than those from Cremona, and it is probable he was the inventor of the modern violin.

Thanks to Schiavi’s knowledge and experience, Diapason speakers are able to convey the emotional involvement of the live performance; and to recreate the full spectrum of information recorded during the musical event with a three-dimensional soundstage and natural feeling. Having ears tuned by live music, by the sound of the piano that he used to play and by the instruments and voices that he used to record, it was easy for him to design loudspeakers in the manner of musical instruments.

Time and the skill of the Diapason master-craftsmen, experts in the art of wood-working come together to create objects of art, unique pieces. The craftsman has a deep understanding of the living material that is wood , assembling the staves with great care and precision, respecting the time necessary for the cabinet to settle.
With patience and skill, the cabinet is finally hand-finished and its diamond shape is revealed, perfect to the eye and silky smooth to the touch.
For the design and manufacture of Diapason cabinets, only solid hardwood is chosen.
Wood is a fascinating and versatile material, whether for building a loudspeaker or an instrument.

And with real wood it is possible to create forms which excite the emotions even before a note is played.
In 1987 Alessandro Schiavi designed and produced the first Adamantes loudspeaker, with a multi-faceted cabinet shape which closely follows best acoustic principles by providing circular emission of sound around the loudspeaker and avoiding distorting resonances from the transducers.
This unique design gives a close approximation to the theoretical ideal of point-source radiation, where the loudspeaker quite simply disappears from the scene, giving the listener the sensation of a highly realistic ‘virtual’ soundstage.

Alessandro Schiavi has worked passionately on the Dynamis project since 2005, developing it alongside the Astera, launched in 2009. His knowledge of musical reproduction, shared with world-famous musicians and master luthiers, together with his experience in the field of live sound recording and amplification of live music events has come together over time to allow him to transfer all his passion and emotion for music into this project. With Dynamis his goal has been to create a truly complete loudspeaker, in collaboration with Roberto Pasetti for the appearance design.
In his vision of a truly full-range loudspeaker Alessandro Schiavi has found a perfect balance between depth of bass, power-handling, in-room sound pressure level and timbric coherence. The listener is able to enjoy the music with a quality and sense of naturalness that is without compromise: Dynamis is so coherent in the reproduction of live music that it allows us in our imagination to perceive as real the presence of musical instruments, musicians and singers on the stage.