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Reproducing an authentic listening experience.

Each Diapason speaker is created with expertise and a specific aim - to let listeners experience the thrill of live music through the full spectrum of perceptions and sensations.


Sensitivity and awareness are the underlying characteristics that led Alessandro Schiavi, the founder and soul of Diapason, to design and produce speakers capable of reproducing the breadth of information gathered during recording sessions.

The ability to be inspired by and immersed in the innate beauty of Italian heritage, and rediscover its new forms and proportions on a daily basis, has driven the search for harmony in the smallest detail.

Heartfelt passion for a full and comprehensive approach to music, both as a musician and a recording engineer, has resulted in sound reproduction equipment that faithfully transmits the tone of voices and musical instruments, with the most distinctive construction features of cabinetmaking tradition and instrument making incorporated.

Such items communicate and express emotion even when silent, thanks to the right balance between shape, the living texture of quality wood, and the skill of expert hands.

The path of development and perfection begins with and returns to music through each speaker, in a kind of perpetual canon dedicated to the most enthusiastic and selective public.

Diapason corporate video: The voice of Alessandro Schiavi relays the history, philosophy and production process of Diapason products.