Since 1989, when its first version is born, Adamantes design has been renewed over the years, in search of perfection in the form and cabinet proportions, aimed to a sound reproduction able to make our deepest emotions to vibrate. The characteristic multi-faceted “diamond” shape cabinet, from which the name Adamantes spring out, has the purpose of allowing an optimal dispersion of the sound emission from the drivers all around , recreating holographically the musical sound stage: the speaker disappears from the scene and we can almost “touch” the instruments and voices and perceive their exact position at the time of live event. Adamantes V sizes and proportions are studied and tuned according to precise calculations, handmade of a living material as Canaletto solid wood, perfect for reproduction of musical harmonics. Innovative technological solutions and highest qualitative and efficient components, allow Adamantes V to be as a real instrument able to give us a deep and true emotional experience during music listening. Only by the skilled hands of expertized wood craftsmen, who take their knowledge from the Italian tradition in cabinet-making, the 40 wooden staves of Adamantes V can be shaped as a unique piece , entirely handmade by the cutting to the smoothing and varnishing of each cabinet. The long-term partnership with Norvegian Seas let to the development of the unique Diapason Direct Drive technology, which allows a direct connection between the amplifier and bass unit . Wider , higher and deeper sizes of Adamantes V compared to previous model versions allow deeper extension at low frequencies being also very balanced and controlled. Just a high-pass filter is used for Seas 19 mm silk soft dome treble unit with a newly designed high thickness printed circuit board directly connected to speaker terminals in order to make electrical signal passage to the drivers as much direct and faster as possible. According to the designer’ minimalist cross-over concept only few components are used in order to allow electrical signal passage as direct and faster as possible: loudspeakers performance and realism in its sound reproduction capability is due mainly to the study of cabinet size & proportions, choice of solid wood, and quality of drivers and components, matched to a tolerance of within 1%. Internal wiring used on Diapason speakers is CS-12 Van den Hul oxygen-free silvered copper cable, providing excellent performance of the speakers. Only polypropylene capacitors are used in order to minimize signal losses. 2/A stands are designed for perfect match and placement in the listening room with Adamantes V. Elegant 2/A design made by brushed stainless steel upper & bottom stand bases and solid wood multifaceted columns aesthetically match the speakers . A perfect isolation of speakers from environment vibrations is granted by dumping system that isolate the speaker itself from the floor and reduces resonances.