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Looking for continuous improvements and upgrades into loudspeakers design and new technical solutions aimed to as much realistic and natural sound reproduction as possi- ble, DIAPASON designer Alessandro Schiavi challenged him- self looking for something “ beyond”. Mini-monitor multifa- ceted KARIS III loudspeakers is really able to let you feel true emotion of live music.

Cabinet wooden staves assembling proceeding has been op- timized in order to make the whole cabinet more stable and free from internal resonances.

New Direct Drive woofer manufactured on Diapason spe- cifications by Seas, allows better control and more defined performance at the low frequencies, while 19 mm Seas twe- eter provided by wide surround is able to give extraordinary performance in terms of harmonics reproduction.

The new RSPCB high thickness printed circuit board on hi- pass filter reduces the dispersion of the electrical signal being assembled directly on the connectors.

8 Ohm impedance module allows easier load for amplifiers also with valves or solid state equipment even at few watts.

Internal wiring by Van den Hul CS12 cables.



Risposta in frequenza
60/20.000 Hz

Woofer Ø
110 mm Direct Drive polymetylpenten

Tweeter Ø
20 mm cupola seta trattata

87 dB/1W/1m

Freq. crossover
3.000 Hz

Impedenza nominale
8 Ohm

Impedenza minima
7,2 Ohm/300 Hz

Max tensione di ingresso nominale
10 V a.c.

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Max tensione di ingresso RMS
25 W

Max tensione di ingresso imput dinamico
75 W

Tipo diffusore
reflex posteriore

massello di noce Canaletto
finitura legno naturale

Peso per diffusore
4,5 Kg

Dimensioni (L x P x H)
190x260x285 mm



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