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Form and material find their perfect balance when combined with man’s ingenious intuition, like in the creation of musical instruments. Or when designing instruments for music reproduction.
Adamantes III 25th. and Karis N.W. loudspeakers are worldwide unique: the cabinet is fully made in solid wood, following procedures and techniques that trace back from the tradition and knowledge of master craftsmen qualified in the manufacture of acoustic speakers from generation to generation.

The multi-faceted diamond shape of Adamantes III 25th and Karis NW was designed to provide a circular pattern of sound-wave emission from the loudspeaker, thus giving a close approximation to the theoretical ideal of point-source radiation. While listening to, the speaker simply disappears, leaving just the music and our emotion on the stage. The same multi-faceted shape is also found inside the cabinet. This gives very effective control of internal reflection, while wooden structures of different thickness help ensure that the cabinet is virtually resonance-free.

Simplicity, quality without compromise and the most advanced technological research are the guidelines in speaker design and in the choice of drivers and crossover components. The drivers, especially manufactured according to Diapason specification, are performance-matched within a tolerance of less than 1 % for loudspeakers best acoustic performance

The DDD (Diapason Direct Drive) technology applied to bass unit is developed in collaboration with the best northern European driver manufacturers. Thanks to DDD direct connection from the amplifier to the bass driver is allowed without the use of a low-pass filter in the crossover. The result of this system can be heard immediately when listening: grater transient speed in low frequency range with no loss of sensitivity or phase rotation.
The match with the treated silk soft dome treble unit will astonish the listener for its naturalness, realism, three-dimensional experience, and for its capability to return the full spectrum of musical information available during a live musical event. The completeness of all information available to our ears makes the listening experience with Adamantes and Karis full of emotion and acoustically detailed.

The high-pass crossover circuit is hard wired with Van den hul CS cable in oxygen-free silver coated copper, eliminating deleterious sonic effect of printed-circuit boards.

A stringent final quality check is carried out before packing to ensure that every loudspeaker is in perfect working order.



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