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Diapason Classic Series are wonderful speakers which showcases the philosophy, design, and construction techniques of Alessandro Schiavi, who had extensive experience in recording for studios.
MICRA III ( bookshelf), ARES (floorstanding) and CENTRO III ( centre channel) were developed from his skill in capturing live music in three dimensional space and its faithful reproduction and are able to reproduce the sound of the live musical experience with great realism and naturalness.
All speakers manufactured by Diapason are designed to offer the highest fidelity and transparency to the absolute sound. Furthermore, our speakers convey the emotional involvement of the live performance. Each speaker is hand assembled and wired by skilled craftsmen. The beautiful cabinetry in walnut solid wood FOR MICRA III and CENTRO and in walnut multiply for ARES is not only an integral part of the design, but the highest example of Italian furniture-making.
At the basis of every Diapason project is the study of form, whether in the search for an elegant and refined appearance or for innovative solutions in the quest for perfect acoustic reproduction: small dimensions and faceted side cabinet panels of the MICRA III and ARES are themselves an aid to drive unit performance. The same care is taken with the cabinet interior, which is designed to limit resonance.

Thanks to their benign impedance module, Micra III and Ares are can by easily driven by most of valve or solid state amplifiers.

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