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Adamantes III 25th joins Diapason family to celebrate Adamantes worldwide famous speaker anniversary, designed in 1989 by Alessandro Schiavi and well-known for its diamond multi-faceted full-wood cabinet, owing its name to old Greek word meaning “diamond”. Adamantes has been a revolutionary and always modern design since 25 years ago.
Speaker-shape design was especially realized in order to match astonishing and realistic sound performance with Italian cabinet craftsmanship. This makes each speaker a unique and precious piece-of-art.
Full wood cabinet is engraved standing out multifaceted front and rear baffles in order to provide a circular emission of sound waves around the loudspeaker and to give a close approximation to the theoretical ideal of point-source radiation.
Sound performance is impressive in terms of 3-dimensional feeling: the loudspeaker quite simply ‘disappears’ from the scene, giving the listener the sensation of a highly realistic ‘virtual’ soundstage.

Closer to cabinet shape study of the Diapason flagship Astera, the front multifaceted panel of the Adamantes III 25th is provided with different angles compared to previous version Adamantes III, improving drivers emission and allowing more cabinet thickness. As a result of this improvement sound performance is considerably rich of harmonics , more controlled in cabinet resonances and capable to give realistic emotional feeling close to live musical events.

The original Diapason stands are recommended together with Adamantes III 25th and Karis NW, since they contribute to the superb sound and aesthetical value.

The 63 cm. 3/P stand patented design removes cabinet vibrations by transferring them away from the speaker to the floor through three steel support bars. The wooden 3 columns shape works just as external structure since the speaker is isolated from the ground by stell bars only.

The 75 cm. 2/B stand is made of a heavy metal and wood structure . The 2/B is provided with 4 cm spikes under the bottom base, making the stand ideal for use on carpet floor



Frequency response
40/20.000 Hz

Bass driver Ø
170 mm polymetylpentene
Diapason Direct Drive

Tweeter Ø
20 mm treated silk soft dome

91 dB/1W/1m

Freq. crossover
4.600 Hz

Nominal impedance
6 Ohm

Min impedance
3,4 Ohm/200 Hz

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rear-ported reflex speaker

Canaletto walnut solid wood Water natural paint finishing

Weight per speaker
8,5 Kg

Dimensions speaker
240x360x365 mm

cloth cover grille




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